Hi There!

I created HappyTunz as a gift for my friends. They loved the little songs so much that we created them for everyone.

I started working when I was eighteen months old; doing calendars. At two and a half I was in my first movie Corky Of Gasoline Alley and I went on to make thirty-three more movies-The Ten Commandments, The Three Faces Of Eve, The Wings Of Eagles and Houseboat (with Cary Grant and Sophia Loren) to name a few-and of course lots of TV.

At the age of twenty I went on to have a ‘normal’ life and became a wife and mother. My husband died a few years ago and now I am a widow, living up in the beautiful Santa Cruz Mountains in a redwood forest.

I was out gardening one day and was thinking of a friend whose birthday was coming up. I didn't want to give her just another birthday card, I wanted to do something different and special. I was looking up at the trees and I started humming a tune. I ran inside and wrote down the words that came to me.

I sang my little birthday song for my friend-and a lot of other friends too-and they all just loved their special birthday songs. I hope you’ll love them too!

We’ve created our collection especially for the boomer generation. But there’s a general Birthday song and a Get-Well song for those who are sick, achoo!

Your satisfaction is guaranteed, or your money back. If you have any problems with your orders please contact us at info@happytunz.com.