So we don’t wrap them up in brown paper and tie them with string but packages are still our very most fav-or-rate things…

Old Friends / Never Forget (well...)

Wouldn’t it be nice if all of your favorite people got personalized greetings from you on the right day, in the right spirit, for the correct birthday? Of course you trryyyy to remember to do this yourself every year but there are so many friends and so little time. Is Nancy turning 65 this year or was that last year? Or, come to think of it, was that Natalie? Oh it’s just too difficult to keep up with.


Let HappyTunz turn you into a shining star who remembers everyone’s (correct) birthday every year. Simply add them to your cart, and we’ll send all your friends personalized Birthday Greetings. You just set it and forget it. After that, sit back and let your friends marvel at how efficient and thoughtful you are.

Adding at least 10 to your basket will reduce the price to $1.00 each!